Complete Machine Learning & Data Science with R & Python for 2019

Become a data scientist & build machine learning models using R, Numpy, Pandas & Scikit. More than 15 projects, Code files included & 30 Days full money Refund

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Machine learning & Data Science with R & Python for 2019

Invest in yourself in 2019. Job market is changing like never before & without machine learning & data science skills in your cv, you can't do much.

Everything you need to start your career as data scientist. Learn machine learning fundamentals, applied statistics, R programming, data visualization with ggplot2, seaborn, matplotlib and build machine learning models with R, pandas, numpy & scikit-learn using rstudio & jupyter notebook.More than 15 projects, Code files included & 30 Days full money Refund guarantee.

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Learn complete Machine learning & Data Science with R & Python covering applied statistics, R programming, numpy, pandas, jupyter notebook,data visualization & machine learning models like neural network, CART, Logistic regression & more.

30 Days Money Back (full refund) Guarantee if you don't like it.

Unlike most machine learning courses out there, the Complete Machine Learning & Data Science with R & Python-2019 is affordable and comprehensive. Here are some highlights of the program:

  • Anaconda distribution & Jupyter notebook overview
  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Scikit Learn library
  • Seaborn & Matplotlib for visualization with Python
  • Visualization with R for machine learning
  • Applied statistics for machine learning
  • Machine learning fundamentals
  • ANOVA Implementation with R
  • Linear regression with R & Python
  • Logistic Regression
  • Dimension Reduction Technique
  • Tree-based machine learning techniques
  • KNN Implementation
  • Naïve Bayes
  • Neural network machine learning technique

What you will get

  • Career guidance on data scientist roles and how to get into it
  • How to build your portfolio to show your skills
  • Over 10 projects to add to your portfolio
  • Quizzes and projects to sharpen your skills

What you need

  • Laptop/desktop/mobile phone with internet to watch videos
  • Laptop/desktop to practice your knowledge
  • Desire to learn machine learn

Intended Audience

  • Anybody who is looking to get into data science or machine learning roles

Course Details

Section 1- Introduction to course and machine learning

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Analytics & Machine learning
  • Data Science career opportunities and job details in field of machine learning.
  • Career planning guidance.
  • How to build your machine learning portfolio for better job opportunities

Section 2- R Fundamentals

  • Introduction to R and R studio
  • How to download R and r studio
  • R Fundamentals covering following topics;
  • Vectors, Matrx & Data frames
  • Data Types
  • Variables & objects in R
  • Various Operators in R
  • Loops – while, for
  • Conditional- if, else
  • Functions

Section 3- Data Wrangling with R

  • Reading files in various format
  • Data selection with R in detail
  • Data manipulation with R in details
  • Handling missing values

Section 4- Visualization with R for machine learning

  • Histogram Vs bar plots
  • Bar plots and histograms in R
  • Horizontal bar plots & plots
  • Heatmaps in R
  • Scatter plots
  • Create maps
  • Pair plots for coefficients
  • Mfpar for better visualization
  • Data visualization with ggplot2
  • Data visualization with lattice & 3d plots with scatter3d plot

Section 5- Applied statistics for machine learning

  • Introduction to statistics for machine learning
  • Descriptive vs Inferential analysis
  • Descriptive statistics- Mean, Median, Mode & Range
  • Standard error
  • Central limit theorem with confidence interval & p value
  • Overview of T test & f ratio
  • Hypothesis testing

Section 6- Machine learning fundamentals

  • Machine learning fundamentals
  • Regression fundamentals
  • Classification fundamentals
  • Clustering fundamentals
  • Data Reduction technique with clustering and dimension reduction technique introduction with PCA.

Section 7- ANOVA Implementation with R

  • ANOVA introduction and fundamentals
  • 1 Way and 2 way anova implementation with R

Section 8- Linear regression with R

  • Linear regression fundamentals and detailed explanation
  • Linear regression implementation in R

Section 9- Logistic Regression

  • Logistic regression fundamentals & detailed explanation
  • Logistic regression implementation with R.

Section 10- Dimension Reduction Technique

  • Dimension reduction technique introduction with focus on PCA.
  • Principal component analysis implementation with R

Section 11 -Clustering

  • Clustering overview with K-means clustering explanation
  • K-means implementation with R

Section 12- Tree based machine learning techniques

  • CART model (classification & regression tree) Introduction
  • CART implementation in R
  • Introduction to ensemble techniques with focus on random forest
  • Random forest machine learning model implementation with R

Section 13- KNN Implementation

  • KNN Fundamentals (k nearest neighbor)
  • KNN Implementation with R

Section 14- naïve Bayes

  • Introduction to naïve bayes and fundamentals
  • Naïve bayes implementation with R

Section 15- Neural network machine learning technique

  • Introduction to neural network technique
  • Implementation of neural network with R

Section 16- Machine learning & Data science with Python

  • Introduction to machine learning with python
  • Walk through of anaconda distribution & Jupyter notebook
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Data analysis with Python & Pandas

Section 16- Data Visualization with Python

  • Data Visualization with Pandas
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib

Next update will include

  • Linear regression with python
  • Logistic regression with python
  • PCA with Python

Your Instructor

Akhilendra pratap singh
Akhilendra pratap singh

Hi, My name is Akhilendra Singh. I am a Business Analyst with a Fortune 500 company and have been practicing business analysis for over 10 years now.

I am a MBA, Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP), Certified scrum product owner, Professional Scrum Master I and quite a few other certifications on machine learning, innovation, entrepreneurship and product design.

I created my site akhilendra.com where I share information about machine learning, business analysis and various other fields. I have been a webmaster for over 8 years now & in these 8 years, i have learned a lot about digital marketing space which i intend to share through my courses.

If you have any question about my courses or any question at all, just message me at;

Email- info@akhilendra.com

Website- http://akhilendra.com

Linkedin Profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/akhilendra-singh-cbap-28459315/

Class Curriculum

  Data Visualization with Python-Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn
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